Synthesis Two Array

Synthesis Two Array 9-channel Theater System

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Synthesis Two Array

In Synthesis Two Array Systems, the main left, right, and center SAM1HF and SAM2LF loudspeakers feature dual 8-inch mid-bass drivers and reproduce high frequencies with a 3-inch Aquaplas-treated aluminum compression driver mounted in a vertical SonoGlass® constant-directivity horn and ultrahigh frequencies with a 1-inch pure-titanium compression driver. Meanwhile, the SAM12x passive crossover manages all the power the S7165 can supply.

Four S4Ai in-wall multipole ambient surround speakers, two S2S-EX 15-inch, 1200-watt passive subwoofers and electronics that include an SDP-45 processor/controller, SDEC-4500P digital equalizer, two SDA 4600 (4 x 600 watts) amplifiers and a SDA8300 (8 x 300 watts) amplifier round out the Synthesis Two Array system. It delivers all the realism of today’s most sophisticated digital sources. And it’s all the sonic muscle 8,000-ft.³ rooms can handle.�

Synthesis® Two Array™ 7.2 multichannel passive crossover cinema/music system is suitable for rooms sized approximately from 1,500 ft3 to 16,000 ft3.

  • Electronic components include: (1) SDA4500XLRIC, (1) SDEC4500P, (2) SDA-4600, (1) SDA-8300, (1) SDP-45
  • Loudspeaker components include: (3) SAM1HF, (3) SAM2LF, (2) SAM12X, (4) S2S-EX, (4) S4Ai, (4) S4PCB