Synthesis Three Array

Synthesis Three Array 9-channel Theater System

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Synthesis Three Array

Synthesis Three Array is designed to give your architect or designer maximum leeway in creating your ideal listening space. The all-important center channel speaker, for example, is available in designs optimized for either vertical (SAM3VA) or horizontal (SAM3HA) installation.

The main left and right SAM3VA speakers may be cabinet-/custom-mounted, or configured as freestanding floor units with two S2S powered subwoofers. Four S4Ai in-wall multipole ambient surround speakers and electronics that include the SDP-40HD processor/controller, SDEC-3000 digital equalizer, S7165 7-channel amplifier and S820 amplifier complete a package that will fill rooms with edge-of-your-seat home entertainment.

Synthesis® Three Array™ 7.2 multichannel home cinema/music system is suitable for rooms sized approximately from 1,500 ft3 to 10,000 ft3.

Electronic Components Include: (1) SDP-40HD, (1) S7165, (1) S820, (1) SDEC-3000, (1) S3000XLRIC

Loudspeaker Components Include: (1) SAM3HA, (2) SAM3VA, (2) S2S, (4) S4Ai