Synthesis SCL4

Synthesis SCL4 11-channel Theater System

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Synthesis SCL4

The SCL 7.4 system is an excellent value for both medium sized home cinemas and luxury media rooms. The system incudes proven ARCOS Room calibration and Sound Field Management using a JBL Synthesis SDEC for optimum sound in multiple seat locations. The system is upgradeable to a 3D audio system by adding additional amplification and speakers. Discrete ATMOS playback requires replacing the high performance SDP45K 7.1 AV processor for a 12 Channel AV processor.

For rooms 1500 ft.³ to 7500 ft.³

  • Electronics include (1) SDP-45K, (1) SDEC4500P, (1) SDA8300, (1) SDA4600,
  • Loudspeakers include (7) SCL-4, (4) NS4S