Synthesis SCL2

Synthesis SCL2 15-channel Theater System

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Synthesis SCL2

This high output SCL system is for medium to large theaters using the higher output SCL2 in wall monitors. This advanced in wall design rivals the output of our “built-In” systems with the latest D2 compression driver and HD speaker waveguide technology. The package includes the 24 channel SDP 75–24 AV Processor. The higher channel count allows for a more immersive experience from any audio source while optimizing multiple seating locations.

For rooms 2500 ft.³ to 20,000 ft.³

  • Electronics include (1) SDP-75-24, (3) SDA8300, (2) SDA4600 S
  • Loudspeakers include (3) SCL-2, (8) SCL-4, (9) SCL-3, (4) S2S-EX