Synthesis One Array (7.4.4)

Synthesis One 11-channel Theater System

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Synthesis One Array (7.4.4)

This classic and highly customizable system is designed to fill medium to large home theater spaces with high output and dynamic 3D audio sound with the JBL

SDP45K 7.1 processor and SDEC4500P Digital EQ. The system can substitute a 12 Channel AV processor if discrete playback of Dolby ATMOS and DTS-X is desired.

Additional options include the SDEC5500 for expansion to over 16 channels in an arrayed 3D audio system that emulates the higher channel count of a SDP-75-16 processor.

For rooms from 3000 ft.³ to 25,000 ft.³

  • Electronics include (1) SDP45, (1) SDEC4500P, (3) SDA-8300, (2) SDA-4600
  • Loudspeakers include (3) NSAM1HF, (3) NSAM2LF, (4) SCL-4, (4) SCL-3, (4) S2SEX