Synthesis 4367

Synthesis 4367 17-channel Theater System

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Synthesis 4367

The JBL 4367 Monitor is a high resolution and output speaker system in a simplified derivative of the famous JBL M2 Studio Monitors for large dedicated movie and multi-channel music rooms. The world’s most advanced SDP-75-32 processor is customizable for maximizing channel count, applied to any sized room, and does not require an SDEC for Room EQ.

The system includes 13 discrete lower level channels and 10 height channels for playback of any surround format. The system’s calibration uses the SDP-75 built in JBL Synthesis Optimizer with integral Synthesis target curve.

For rooms from 3,000 ft.³ to over 50,000 ft3 when customized for very large spaces.

  • Electronics include (1) SDP-75-32, (3) SDA8300, (4) SDA4600
  • Loudspeakers include (3) 4367, (10) SCL-4, (4) S2S-EX, (10) SCL-3