7.1-channel Digital Surround Processor Preamplifier

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The SDP-3 can be thought of as four units in one. At its heart is a reference-quality 8-channel music and film digital audio computer capable of creating or recreating a limitless amount of listening environments. This digital audio computer is mated to an 8-channel, 24-bit Digital-to-Analog converter that rivals the most exotic and costly standalone devices. To harness all of this digital audio power, the SDP-3 also includes a built-in line-level preamplifier with 8 analog audio inputs and 8 digital audio inputs for easy integration with multiple source components. Since many of these source components are also capable of outputting high quality video signals, the SDP-3 includes a broadcastquality composite and S-video switcher with 8 inputs. The SDP-3 also includes a digital output, two RS-232 ports and three digital audio expansion ports. The back panel includes a bare wire block terminal for trigger outputs for easy connection to associated equipment.

The SDP-3 is designed to satisfy the most rigorous demands, while retaining simplicity for casual use as well. Using the system can be as simple as pressing an input key and turning the volume up and down. Less-used functions are organized into a simple on-screen menu system and “hidden” buttons on the remote control. Controls are provided to accommodate virtually any system configuration and to allow for varying recording, mixing, and transmission styles, as well as for system control from a second zone, and for control by sophisticated automation systems.

The SDP-3 includes JAZZ, CLASSICAL, FOOTBALL, and CATHEDRAL effects for creating an ideal custom listening environment as well as ROCK/POP and MUSIC SURROUND which offer ambience extraction. As these programs use the same technology used by the overwhelming majority of professionals for adding ambience to their recordings, you will find playback greatly enhanced by the SDP-3, transporting you more deeply into the performance.

The SDP-3 also recreates 5.1 channel soundtracks with stunning accuracy, and takes them to a new level of realism with JBL’s proprietary Logic 7 technology. These effects allow you to expand 5.1 channel as well as two channel soundtracks for 7.1 and virtual 7.1 channel playback for an increased sense of spaciousness and envelopment.