7.1-channel Digital Surround Processor Preamplifier

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Inside and out, the SDP-5 is designed for possible future developments. The rear panel houses one RS-232 connector capable of performing configuration downloads and flash memory software upgrades and another capable of supporting future developments. The rear panel also includes two removable access panels to accommodate connectors for emerging technologies.

More than just an audio and video control center, the SDP-5 offers the latest version of the critically acclaimed LOGIC7® decoding, which creates a 7.1-channel output signal from stereo, 5.1-, and
6.1-channel sources. Unlike other decoders, LOGIC7 decoding is compatible with all input sources and requires no special encoding. Because the improvement it provides is clearly audible, LOGIC7 is widely regarded as the finest available.

In addition to LOGIC7, the SDP-5 offers Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Pro Logic, dts 96/24, dts NEO:6, dts-ES, THX Ultra2, and THX Surround EX decoding. THX Ultra2 Certification
guarantees that the SDP-5 meets the highest THX specifications.


Software and Firmware

SDP-5 Firmware Installer v1_0
Download (1149 kb)
SDP-5 Front & Rear Panel CAD Files
Download (110 kb)
SDP-5 v100_01
Download (753 kb)