3-way Dual 6-1/2" (165mm) LCR Horizontal Loudspeaker

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The SAM3HA 3-way LCR horizontal loudspeaker represents the synthesis of everything that JBL® has learned about the emotional power of audio and video in 60 years of preeminence in the field. It sets new benchmarks in the use of high technology and provides you with the experience of being in some of the world’s greatest movie houses and concert halls, right at home!

Main Features:

ULTRAHIGH-FREQUENCY COMPRESSION DRIVER: 1″ (25mm) Pure-titanium compression driver with aluminum edge-wound voice coil and 2″ (51mm) neodymium motor assembly, mounted in a constant-directivity horn for extended high-frequency response to exceed SACD™ and DVD-Audio specifications.

HIGH-POWER COMPRESSION HORN: Horns are commonplace in movie theaters across the world, because of their high power handling and well-defined high-frequency output. The horns employed in SAM3 have very low distortion, and a well-controlled directivity, to put the dialogue at the center of the screen and the effects all around you.

ACCURATE MID-BASS DRIVERS: The 6-1/2″ (165mm) mid-bass drivers incorporate many of JBL’s patented technologies – such as Symmetrical Field Geometry™ (SFG), Symmetrical Inductance Modulation (SIM) and Vented Gap Cooling™ (VGC) – as well as unique cone and dome materials, to provide tight, smooth midrange sound without harshness, stridency or listener fatigue.


Software and Firmware

SAM3HA CAD Drawing
Download (60 kb)