5 x 160W Multichannel Power Amplifier

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The S5165 is a 5 x 160 watt power amplifier that has been designed and crafted to provide the user with a high level of sonic performance. Special attention has been paid to minimize the number of components in the audio signal path, resulting in extremely low distortion, excellent transient response and wide dynamic range.

Synthesis® products set new benchmarks in audio technology, and, when used as part of a complete JBL Synthesis system, will bring the ambience and acoustics of some of the world’s greatest concert halls and theaters into your home. The JBL Synthesis S5165 power amplifier features the following:

  • Multichannel Operation
  • High Power Capability
  • Auto Turn-On and Power-Sequencing Circuitry
  • Quiet Fan Cooling
  • Comprehensive and Isolated Circuit Protection
  • Balanced and Single-Ended Inputs