THX Ultra2™-Certified Multi-pole Configurable Surround Loudspeaker

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From the industry leader in loudspeakers comes the problem-solving S4Ai multipurpose surround loudspeaker. It fits into standard-construction 2″ x 4″ stud walls with a grille that mounts flush to the wall surface, ensuring that even the toughest-to-please designers will love its look. Choose between dipole or bipole mode for a spectacular cinematic experience. Switch over to your favorite music mode and the S4Ai turns into a direct-radiating 2-way 8″ speaker. For smaller installations, where 7-channel sound is important but you don’t have the space, the S4Ai can be dual-driven to provide both side and rear channels from one position in the room. The S4Ai can be used with any of the JBL Synthesis Series systems.

Main Features

  • THX Ultra2™-Certified Dipole Surround Loudspeaker
  • Installer-Configurable to 8″ 3-Way Dipole Operation
  • Auto-Switchable to Direct-Radiating Pattern Using 12-Volt Trigger (Default Operation is Diffuse/Cinema)
  • Single or Dual Drive Capability; Horizontal or Vertical Orientation; 90° Rotatable Mid/High Array for Use In-Wall or In-Ceiling
  • Fits Completely Flush in a Standard 4″ Depth Wall or Ceiling
  • Factory Configured in 8″ 3-Way Bipole Operational Mode
  • Integrated One-Piece Back Box
  • Retrofit (S4RFB) and New Construction (S4PCB) Bracket Available