BUILT FOR THE STARS (by Admit One Home Cinema)

“Built for the Stars”, 3D Home Cinema Screening Room – Winner of the 2011 Electronic House HOTY, SILVER Home Theater $150K and up Award

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BUILT FOR THE STARS (by Admit One Home Cinema)

Admit One Home Cinema (Edina, MN) Presents:

“Built for the Stars”, 3D Home Cinema Screening RoomWinner of the 2011 Electronic House HOTY, SILVER Home Theater $150K and up Award

“It’s a challenge to distinguish between form and function in this glitzy home theater. Start up top, at the “floating cloud” ceiling constructed of acoustical panels and trimmed with colorful LED lighting that makes a technology fashion statement. Wall-lined pillars, in place for aesthetic appeal, also house bass traps to calm the thumps from four 18-inch subwoofers.” (Electronic House Article)

“But it’s the 3D system that brings a whole new element to this home theater experience, says Lance Anderson of Admit One Home Cinema of Edina, Minn. The active DPI projection system works with a standard screen, unlike a passive system that must maintain vertical polarization to produce 3D images.” (Electronic House Article)

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System components


JBL Synthesis System Equipment:


  • (3) SAM1HF High Frequency Drivers
  • (3) SAM2LF Low Frequency Drivers
  • (4) S4AI-H Side/Rear EFX Speakers
  • (4) S1S-EX 18″ THX Subwoofers


  • (1) AV2 Processor
  • (1) SDEC4500P EQ/X-over
  • (1) SDEC4500X EQ/X-over
  • (3) SAM12X for Front LCR’s
  • (1) S4500XLRIC Interconnect Kit
  • (1) AVA7 Main Amplifier
  • (4) S820 THX Subwoofer Amplifiers

Other Equipment:

  • (1) DPI Titan Reference 1080P 3D Projector
  • (1) Stewart 174” Diagonal 2.35 Cine-V with Vertical Masking Microperf Grayhawk LS
  • (1) ATM System 1 for Projector Cooling
  • (1) Anchor Bay Tech DVDO Edge Video Processor
  • (1) DirecTV HD Pro Receiver
  • (1) Panasonic BDT350 Blu-Ray Player
  • (6pr) Xpand 103 3D Glasses
  • (1) Kaleidescape 1U Server
  • (1) Kaleidescape M500 Player/Importer
  • (1) Kaleidescape Vault100 Blu-Ray Storage Holder
  • (1) AppleTV 160gb
  • (1) RTI T2C Universal Remote
  • (1) RTI XP8 Processor
  • (1) RTI RM433 Remote Antenna
  • (2) Audioquest Vodka 16m HDMI Cable
  • (5) Audioquest Vodka 2m HDMI Cable
  • (450’) Audioquest Type4 Speaker Wire
  • (2) Lutron Grafik Eye QSGRJ6PWH Lighting Control System
  • (1) Lutron Grafik Eye QSWS25BRLIWH Accessory Keypad
  • (50’) Lutron Grafik Eye GRXCBL346S500 Cable
  • (1) Fabritrak Custom Stretch Fabric System
  • (1) Savant MSC12SE Automation Processor
  • (1) Savant VIM-30D4 Four HDMI Input Card
  • (1) Savant VOM-30D4 Four HDMI Output Card
  • (2) Middle Atlantic ERK4425LRD Rack
  • (17) Middle Atlantic Custom Face Plate with Shelf
  • (2) Middle Atlantic Integrated Power Strip
  • (6) Middle Atlantic Vertical Lacer Bar
  • (20) Middle Atlantic Horizontal Lacer Bar
  • (2) Furman Elite-20PFI Surge/Filtration
  • (36) RPG BAD Sound Panels
  • (6) Owens 2” Fiberglass Sheets
  • (10) Fortress Matinee Powered Chairs
  • (240’) LED LED light Strips

Installation information

Installation Contributors & Other Info: